A man strolling through a city listening to music.

My life's work is software engineering & outdoor pursuits.

From a very young age I've had a keen interest in technology, business, finance/investing, and the outdoors.
The West of Ireland is where I was born and raised. I currently reside in Galway City on the west coast.

I believe in doing whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else
(a motto I learned from the amazing writer Rebecca Spelman).

Some major life goals of mine are:

  • 👨‍💻 Become a leader in the front-end software engineering community (creating software & blogging primarily)
  • 🌍 Become a digital nomad (work while slow travelling)
  • 💼 Start my own business (leveraging modern technologies)
  • 💰 Achieve the FIRE life (financially independent & retired early)
  • 🧗‍ Pursue outdoor pursuits such as trekking, kayaking, & bouldering
  • 🐶 Get a dog

In my spare time I enjoy reading, board-games, trekking, jogging, learning (technology, business, & finance mostly), and spending time with my partner Rebecca.
I'm a coffee connoisseur and really enjoy unwinding in a relaxed environment.


The goals I outlined for 2019 are as follows: 📚 Learn UI Design, CSS, React, GatsbyJS; 🖌 Redesign my website; ✏️ Start a front-end blog; 2019 is my year for learning & taking action! 🔥


In September of 2018 I joined Fidelity Investments as a Senior Software Engineer (Contractor). This was a step up from my previous role. I had a few weeks off before starting. During this time I researched vanilla JS at a deep level, upgraded my software architecture skills, and learned the Angular framework. This paid dividends as I quickly became comfortable in my new role. Upon joining Fidelity I noticed how well they invest in their people, buildings, and technology. I was put to work on implementing features for an investment (Asset Management Equity Trading) web application using the Angular framework. This role at Fidelity was exactly what I was looking for, and I was over the moon to get a role in the finance industry as this has always been a goal of mine.


In November of 2017 I joined the IBM Resilient team. Resilient was a recent startup that IBM had acquired, most of the team were based in Boston, USA. This was a really interesting role as I got to see how IBM handled merging a high performing startup into the corporate structure of the main company body. In this role I trained up the QA on the Galway side on test automation (selenium & groovy) so that they could write up the tests (most of the QA had never done any programming). I got to take my hand to the back-end and write up some features with Java & BASH. One feature in particular that I spent a lot of time on was audit logging (utilising Splunk). I joined the Sports & Social committee this year, which was incredibly fun and unwittingly a lot of hard work. I really enjoyed this as I got to organise events for all the amazing people at the IBM Galway office.


In May of 2016 I joined the IBM Security division as a Front-End software engineer. I was ecstatic, as I'd always wanted to work as a software engineer for a big multi-national. IBM in particular stood out to me as it's such an historic company. Here I worked on creating features for a security web application (EDR) which helped monitor malware attacks against endpoints. I was mainly working with AngularJS & Node.js. IBM is where I really found my feet in terms of Agile ceremonies, working in remote global co-located teams, and seeing how a multi-national works (the pros and cons). I really enjoyed learning the security domain. I learned all about the ins and outs of malware and just how fragile the whole worlds infrastructure is due to this malware.


I received a second contract with Enterprise Ireland, which involved creating a cross platform mobile application that would allow realtors to view real-estate information in real time, and allow the company to utilize push notifications to let their clients know quickly about deals. I finished up two contracts for Enterprise Ireland this year (food & realtor apps). I used the Ionic framework with AngularJS in order to create these applications, and published them to the iOS & Android stores. I was in charge of the UI design, mobile development, and most of the customer interactions for both projects.


A colleague reached out and asked if I was interested in a contract from Enterprise Ireland, I agreed and took it on. It involved creating a cross platform mobile food ordering application, which would allows customers to order food, drinks, and custom sandwiches from their phone. This involved a top up system with top up codes so that you could pay via the app. I used the Ionic framework with AngularJS in order to create this application.